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Strategy 2030

Our context and ambition

We are an innovative and resourceful University with roots in the synergies between employers and creativity that are the drivers of sustainable economic development.  We pride ourselves on our sense of community and our nurturing ethos. 

Our excellent research is novel and crosses disciplines; we value both making and the links between thinking and doing. We welcome the diversity of our students, and their multiple narratives, and we are a place where students change their lives and change the world. 

In the next decade we will apply our skills to global challenges and local opportunities, we will focus as one community able to harness all of our strengths and capabilities, and while looking outwards we will be rooted in Bath, essential to the city and the region.

Our purpose is to challenge our students and staff to realise their talent and thrive, for their own benefit and for the wider good. By doing this we will think and make the world better.

Our ambition

Our ambition is to have creative enterprise at the heart of all we do, so that we are:

  • big enough to be bold, sure of our own capabilities
  • small enough to care, valuing and nurturing all our students and staff
  • relevant and impactful, changing the world by seeing it differently
  • one community, able to reach between disciplines to find the value of the new
  • passionate, compassionate, brave, inclusive, ethical, engaged and effective in all that we do.

How we will accomplish this

We will be judged by our achievements:

  • Graduates who can change their lives, and hence change the world
  • Research that delivers social, cultural and economic impact
  • Creativity applied on all scales from the delivery of a local industrial strategy to the engagement with global challenges
  • New narratives, objects and performances that challenge and create change
  • Sustained partnerships of long standing and proven value

We will realise these ambitions through developing four major themes of work:

Our Education Strategy

The purpose of the Education Strategy is to challenge our students and staff to realise their talent and thrive, for their own benefit and for the wider good.

As an explorative applied learning community we will nurture lifelong learning capabilities, instilling the curiosity and confidence all our students need to navigate a challenging ever changing world of opportunity.

By doing this, we will think and make the world better.

Read our Education Strategy 2030.

Our International Strategy

Working across the University in collaboration with academic and professional services departments, students, alumni and the Students’ Union, and led by our three international-facing teams, GALA, Go Global and European Projects, our International Strategy aims to deepen and further develop international connections and activities that enhance our teaching and research.

The University’s aim is to embed internationalisation in everything we do across our core activities at home and abroad.

Read our International Strategy 2030.